How to Install Cover Lighting in Your Home Interior?

12 January 2020

Lights always play an essential role to enhance the appearance of the room interior. Rights type of lights can turn any monotonous living into exciting and vibrant living. This is the reason the Top Interior Designers of Gurgaon and Delhi & NCR more focus on the right type of lights. So, always choose the right type of lights when it’s come to choosing lights for the interior of your home. The lights are categorized in a wide range according to their function. So, if you are choosing lights for your home interior then, choose according to their function. In case you want to choose lights for your living room then, choose chandelier lights to make your living room more attractive and luxurious. Similarly, if you are a soft and warm touch lover then, choose cover lighting in your rooms. These are soft and warm which can perfectly illuminate your spaces. There are many options for cover lights including LED, concealed, etc. Here is the guide on how to install Cover Lighting in Your Home Interior.

Steps How to Installation Cover Lighting

  • If you are a DIY project lover then, the installation of the cover lights is really fun for you. So, install cover lights in your home to enhance the beauty of your home with the kind of DIY project.
  • In the first step, draw a referral line to mark the bottom of the light strip and bottom of the base. Now, measure the ceiling from various areas of the wall, and make sure the dots should match the join at a consistent distance between the ceiling and the cover in all parts of the spaces.
  • Now, it is easy to install the LED strip lights on the wall as compared to inside the cover. After that, make sure all of them cover is installed before. In the next step, leave some tape on the starting few feet of the LED strips so, that it will be easy to remove the wall for connecting it to the transformer.
  • After that, in the next step to fix the base screws every stud with 2-inch screws. Now, make sure the screw is fixed enough to cover by the crown.
  • Further, as soon as all the connections are made and tested, close the bottom of the crown to the base with brads to complete the installation.

This is how you can install the Cover Lighting in your home, for further Home Decoration Tips you can contact Designer Homez.