20 Smart Wall Decoration Ideas for Living Room

2 March 2020

The living room is the first place to sketch your personality in the mind of your visitor. In living room wall plays an important role to make it looks attractive. So, if you want to make your living room attractive and refreshing keep reading these Living Room Ideas by the Best Interior Designers. Here, are 20 Smart Wall Decorations Ideas for Living Room.

Smart Wall Decoration Ideas

  1. Create an art gallery to show your love for art.
  2. You can also create a basket wall.
  3. Hang an oversized calendar on your wall.
  4. Mount your smart television set on your wall.
  5. Showcase the fabric on the wall.
  6. Add a large scale art on the wall of your living room.
  7. Install a whiteboard or chalkboard to write and draw smart ideas, drawings, and proverbs.
  8. You can also incorporate an accent wall in your living room.
  9. Hang a mirror in your living room to make it looks spacious.
  10. Take someone to completely another place by painting mural or wall art in your living room.
  11. Decorate a wall by hanging plates on the living room wall.
  12. Design some floating shelves to put books, sculpture and other decorative items.
  13. Don’t forget to add some greenery by planting some indoor plants and herbs in your living room.
  14. Add fabulous sculptural sconces in your living room to add some bight in your room.
  15. In your living room add some texture with weaving to make it look eye-catching.
  16. You can also add removable wall art in your room.
  17. Add your personalized world map, favorite place map in your living room.
  18. Create a shiplap wall paneling in your living room.
  19. Hang a bicycle on the wall of your living room.
  20. Create shelves and drawers and use them for storage.

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